Brainfuse HelpNow

Brainfuse HelpNow

Communicate with tutors in real time using a virtual, whiteboard classroom by writing, drawing, and marking-up lessons/web content. Students can also access a full-service writing lab and an integrated test-prep center. To use Brainfuse you will need the latest version of Java installed and enabled in your web browser.

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HelpNow provides:

  • Live Tutoring & Writing Lab: live, expert online help (available 1:00-10:00 pm daily).
  • FAFSA Live Help: get personal assistance completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
  • SkillSurfer: quizzes, test-prep, and resources for parents and adult learners.
  • Language Lab: live help for Spanish language learners.
  • FlashBulb: create and share flashcards, tests, and games.
  • eParachute: discover the college majors and careers that match your skills and interests
  • LEAP: a diagnostic test center for college readiness with customized study plans and lessons.
  • Brainwave: create and share movie-like notes and ideas.
  • MEET: schedule sessions with friends and classmates in a private virtual study room.

If you need help using Brainfuse HelpNow, please contact the library. If you are unable to connect to a live tutor please contact Brainfuse technical support.



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This resource requires a library card to use it.

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